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    Cleanair Plasma CAP 650HA

    The CleanAir Plasma CAP 650V system can be installed in restaurants showcasing display cooking (a type of experience dining where dishes are prepared in front of guests) or mobile food service facilities, for example.

    The system is prepared with a corresponding “pre-filter” for installation directly into the outlet of the existing exhaust duct. It can be supplied with or without an EC fan (CleanAir Plasma CAP 1200) for the food service industry – the process is conducted using activated oxygen and by setting filtration levels.


    • Effectively reduces odors
    • A purification system for circulating indoor air polluted with germs and odors
    • Effectively destroys bacteria, viruses, yeast, and mold spores in the air
    • Available with a circulating/exhaust system (ventilation hood)


    • Mobile catering facilities
    • Display cooking
    • The food service industry
    • Combination spaces – for living, cooking, and consuming food
    • Conference rooms, offices
    • Doctors’ offices, hospitals, medical centers, nursing homes
    • Schools and preschools
    • Rooms for dirty laundry, waste disposal sites


    • The system can be used nonstop
    • No germ resistance
    • No use of chemicals
    • No residue
    • Minimal energy costs
    • Easy installation, varied application, retrofitting possible

    How It Works

    This two-stage system that uses low temperature plasma followed by activated carbon guarantees that indoor air is purified very effectively – without ozone being released into the environment.

     Technical data

    • Active power in watts 650
      Airflow volume in m³/h 200 to 300
    • Width in mm 270
      Height in mm 300
      Length in mm 681
    • Power rating / power consumption in watts 175 W
      Supply voltage 230 V / 50-60 Hz
    • Wall or ceiling installation flexible use
      Plug-in option yes
      Length of connection cable in m 1.5 m + cable for potentiometer

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