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Purifying Kitchen Exhaust

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Industrial Exhaust Air Purification – Sustainable and Cost-Effective

Purifying Exhaust Air Using Photocatalysis, LTP Plasma (*Low Temperature Plasma), or Exhaust Air Scrubbers

During photocatalysis, natural oxygen (O2) is converted to ozone, a reactive form of oxygen (O3), using UV radiation from ozone-generating lamps. The ozone bonds with odor producers contained in exhaust; organic substances, and substances containing grease and odors are oxidized.  The remains are biodegradable and are conducted away with the exhaust. This method is used in the food, textile, chemical, and waste management industries as well as in processes containing solvents.

Another method for treating air is LTP plasma* technology, in which gas-phase organic carbon compounds, such as odor molecules, are eliminated and bacteria and viruses are destroyed. Solids and aerosols are separated out during the process in stages using pre-filters. This technology offers diverse options not only for use in industry but also in commercial kitchens and the food services (e.g., display cooking – a type of experience dining “show” where dishes are prepared in front of guests).  Ventilation in living areas can also be equipped with this technology.

For certain types of exhaust air, e.g., for exhaust airflow in the textile industry that contains ammonia or tar, oxytec Exhaust Air Scrubbers are located in front of air purifying equipment based on UV-C ozone.

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Clean Kitchen Exhaust:
Odors and Grease Belong to the Past

The Intelligent Solution for Odor-Free Kitchen Exhaust – Increase Fire Safety by Preventing Grease Deposits

A frequent problem for food service establishments is having unwanted odors in their kitchen exhaust. These occur during frying, boiling, and baking as well as during food preparation that uses charcoal grills or ovens. CKA UV-C Ozone Systems and CAP CleanAir Plasma Systems – supplemented by CGA Clean Grill Air air scrubbers made especially for exhaust from charcoal or lava rock grills – offer effective and cost-efficient solutions.

Exhaust containing grease above the cooking area is purified after being passed through vortex filters. Organic substances as well as substances containing grease and odors are treated using the previously mentioned technologies alone or in combination. Grease deposits in the exhaust system are significantly reduced using this method, thereby decreasing the risk of fire. 

Innovative Systems and Environmentally Friendly Exhaust Systems for Galley Kitchens

Innovative Systems and Environmentally Friendly Exhaust Systems for Galley Kitchens Custom-Made for Shipyards and Shipping Companies – Adapted to the Respective Exhaust Volume of the Kitchen Appliances

The CKA Marine UV-C Ozone System was developed on the basis of growing requests from shipyards and shipping companies wanting their ventilation hoods and exhaust ducts to be kept as clean as possible. 

On account of using a large amount of grease and oil, few areas on ships are more critical than galleys when it comes to safety and hygiene. One one hand, exhaust from kitchen processes contaminates interior air; on the other hand, grease deposits contribute to the risk of interior fires and simultaneously lower the exhaust system’s efficiency. Where safety is concerned, regularly cleaning the exhaust air ducts is an important issue for ship operators.

Together with the company Wagener Gastronomie Engineering, oxytec has developed pioneering and patented systems for extracting exhaust for ventilation hoods that comply with the requirements of shipyards and shipping companies as well as with official regulations, such as those of the USPH (US Public Health Service), for example. In addition to variations on the USPH-ventilation hoods, Galley Demand Ventilation Systems are available in combination with energy-efficient hoods, i.e., Injection Return Hoods, and these can achieve up to 65% savings on energy when compared to standard hoods, depending on the length of operation. For example, cruise ships with an exhaust air volume of 350,000 m3/h using standard hoods demonstrate a guaranteed savings of 25 to 65% in exhaust volume when using Injection Hoods, depending on the kitchen activities under the hood.   

When lowering the volume of exhaust airflow by 50%, a savings up to 1500 t of fuel can be achieved per year. This corresponds to lowering CO2 production by approx. 4100 t annually. Actual savings of up to 65% on currently operating cruise ships that we have equipped show that there is distinctly higher potential for saving energy (oil and CO2).

Due to the positioning of the temperature-controlled valves on the Injection Return Hoods, these can be independently controlled without ship automation, with the simultaneous ability to operate 24-hours a day. It is thus pointless to make expensive connections from kitchen appliances to the hood for an operating signal notification system – this provides the advantage of simpler cabling and set up.

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Sterile Food Production

Sterilizing Transport Belts Using UV-C Light

Sterilizing Transport Belts Using UV-C Light

Systems by oxytec for sterilizing transport belts expose the surfaces of transport belts to radiation from UV-C light. In food production, the belt sterilization system is installed under the belt – thus, reliable and permanent sterilization occurs with each revolution via UV. Thanks to a completely watertight design, no removal is necessary when cleaning with water.

Sterile Production Areas, Changing Rooms, Offices, Ambulances, Households and Homes for Senior Citizens

Disinfecting with Ozone in the Hotel Industry, Offices, and Households

Systems in the SaniAir line are used in all fields requiring sterile surfaces – surfaces are reliably and sustainably disinfected in this way. Mold and bacteria belong to the past. Furthermore, odors in the air are quickly and reliably eliminated as well as those on surfaces such as carpeting, drapes, etc.

Treating Drinking Water, Water Used in Manufacturing, and Water from Storage Tanks, Cisterns, and Grease Separators

There is a lot to be said in favor treating water using UV sterilization, membrane technology, and ozonation.

Thanks to these technologies, it is not necessary to use chemical or thermal methods. These technologies make it possible to recycle water and recover valuable materials; in this way, such methods help conserve energy and fresh water.

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